KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

Page Last Updated: January 12, 2018

Our Australian Cattle Dog Girls


Call Name: Blaze

Registered Name: 

Registered With: Non-registered

Date Of Birth: 3/28/2016

Height: 17.75"

Color: Blue with black, tan, and white markings.

Sire: DJ Billy The Kid (AKC# DN3026801)

Sire's Sire: DJ Cowboy Up (AKC# DN20037206)

Sire's Dam: Buzzards Mad Maggie (AKC# DN06784903)

Dam: Reagan (non-registered)

Dam's Sire: DJ Smokin Red Baron (AKC# DN31297101)

Dam's Dam: Tessa (non-registered)

Disease Testing: Clear of PRA-PRCD & DM. Carrier of PLL.

SleepyHollows Baylie Blue Flare

Call Name: Baylie
Registered Name: SleepyHollows Baylie Blue Flare 
Registered With: AKC
Date Of Birth: 6/4/2017
Color: Blue mottled with black and tan markings.

Sire: McCullagh Blue "Steele" Rock N Flare 
Grandsire: Drywood's red Rock N Flare
Grandam: A Bar G Ranch's Starla Thunder Cloud

Grandsire: Greycliff Badger Outback 
Grandam: Cobbers-Star Bright

Disease Testing: Clear of PLL & DM. Carrier of PRA-PRCD. 

KW Farms Silver Bells

Call Name: Bella
Registered Name: KW Farms Silver Bells
Registered With: AKC
Date Of Birth: 7/5/2017
Color: Blue with black markings.

Sire: Greycliff Badger Outback
Grandsire: CH Clearidge Outback Dinkum
Grandam: Odiecreek's Fly'n Ricka-Shay

Dam: Cobbers-Smokey Mountain 
Grandsire: GCH CH Millark Firefly Lead Follow Or Get
Grandam: Horton's Fiesty Kool Buzzard

Disease Testing: Clear of PLL & DM. Carrier of PRA-PRCD.