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Nigerian Dwarf Kids For Sale


We have doe and wether kids available! 

See photos and more information on the 2016 Kids pages of our website. 

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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Does For Sale

KW Farms SH Madison 

Registered with ADGA.

DOB: 6/23/2013

Sire: Brush Creek RBL InSandrasHonor

SS: CH Buttin'Heads Red Branch Legend *S

SD: Brush Creek Beth

Dam: KW Farms TSU Roses Are Red

DS: MCH PGCH GCH Little Tot's Estate Tsuga ++*B 

DD: Mead Mountain Farm Buttrscotch

Madison is a pretty cream colored second freshener doe. She freshened on 5/2 with 2 bucks, one doe (Sired by  Proctor Hill Farm Mr Goodbar). Sadly one of the bucks was already deceased when it arrived. However, her other two kids are doing great and she is a wonderful mom! She has a nice looking second freshening udder. Unfortunately, I don't have udder photos at this time. She has several champions close up in her pedigree. Really cool pedigree with lots of foundation bloodlines. She'll be ready to go after weaning her kids. Madison is priced at $250.

KW Farms SH Tia

Registered with AGS & ADGA.

DOB: 6/28/2011

Sire: Brush Creek RBL InSandrasHonor

SS: CH Buttin'Heads Red Branch Legend *S

SD: Brush Creek Beth

Dam: Son Rise Ranch Morning Glory

DS: Little Tot's Estate Oreo

DD: Little Tot's Estate A Lemmonii

Tia is a cute little doe with a nice pedigree. She has had one freshening with buck/doe twins and was bred to Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush on 2/24/16. Since it's getting close to her due date, we are pulling her from the sales list at this time. She will be available again after kidding or weaning her kids. She's due July 23rd. Blue eyed and moonspotted kids possible! Will update her availability after kidding.

KW Farms MG Pot Meet Kettle 

Registered with ADGA.

DOB: 5/4/2013

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Mr Goodbar

SS: Proctor Hill Farm BW ArcticBay *B *S

SD: NC PromisedLand Payday

Dam: Dill Pickle GL La Luna 

DS: Goodwood SD Laredo *S

DD: Dill Pickles PH Harvest Moon *D

Kettle is a unique colored doe out of one of my very favorite herd does, La Luna. I absolutely love the pedigree on this girl, lots of old foundation genetics on the dam side and Baywatch on the top. Kettle has beautiful conformation, nice general appearance. Unfortunately I don't have any set up photos of her, but she's a straight, compact, and correct little doe. Kettle was a first freshener this year with triplets (2 bucks, 1 doe) and was a great first time mom. No trouble at all and easily took care of all three kids. Her first freshening udder looks capacious and nice and wide. It does appear that her teats wing out and medial could be stronger. She is skittish and would probably do best as a brood doe. We just brought a half brother back into the herd and have a few half sisters so are able to let this one go. More information on Kettle can be found on her page here: She's priced to sell at $350.

Kids For Sale

All of these kids are weaned and ready to go to their new homes! 

ID: H27 Doe

Date of Birth: 3/2/16

Number in Birth: 3 Does

Horn Status: Disbudded

Color: Gold/buckskin with white and a few moonspots.

Availability: FOR SALE $300

Sire: Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush

Dam: KW Farms SN Honey Dew

ID: H73 Wether

Date of Birth: 4/11/16

Number in Birth: 4 Bucks

Horn Status: Disbudded

Color: Solid black.

Extra: Wattles!

Availability: FOR SALE $100

Sire: KW Farms PB Tuxedo

Dam: KW Farms IH Silhouette

ID: H78 Doe

Date of Birth: 4/13/16

Number in Birth: 2 Bucks, 1 Doe

Horn Status: Disbudded

Color: Pale gold.

Availability: FOR SALE $300

Sire: Brush Creek RBL InSandrasHonor

Dam: KW Farms MG Dipped In Copper

ID: H94 Doe

Date of Birth: 5/2/16

Number in Birth: 2 Bucks, 1 Doe

Horn Status: Disbudded

Color: Chamoisee.

Availability: FOR SALE $300

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm Mr Goodbar

Dam: KW Farms SH Madison

ID: H110 Wether

Date of Birth: 7/25/16

Number in Birth: 2 Bucks

Horn Status: Disbudded

Color: Light cou clair and white.

Availability: FOR SALE $150

Sire: Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush

Dam: KW Farms SH Tia

Other Stuff For Sale

2016 Nigerian Dwarf Kid Calendars

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