KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

KW Farms Sales Policy

Please read before inquiring about our goats. Thank you.

Goat Kid Reservations: We are no longer taking reservations on unborn kids, but you can join our email list to be notified when new kids are available.

Adult Goat and Goat Kid Sales: Potential buyers are welcome to make an appointment with us prior to purchasing or placing a deposit on a goat/kid to view and look over the goat in person. All adult goats and kids are sold as is and with no guarantees implied or given. Any guarantee will be made clear only through a written and signed contract. Goats will not leave our property until they are paid for in full. All sales are final. We have a very strict NO RETURN policy

Deposit Information: To place an animal on hold, we require a half down payment/deposit which can be paid through Paypal or by check or money order. If paying through Paypal, please use the "friends" option to avoid fees. If you would prefer to use the "goods" option, please include the 3% service fee. Deposits are non-refundable, with the exception that if the animal were to become sick, injured, died, or had a defect develop. Upon pick up of the animal, the remaining balance will then be due in cash. We do not accept credit cards or checks at pick up. Our Paypal address is Contact us for our mailing address. 

Shipping and Pick Up Arrangements: Sorry, we do not air ship at this time. Expect to pick up your animal(s) at our farm in Wapato, Washington 98951. Sometimes we might make a trip off of our farm for delivery, but this is not a regular occurrence. Prior to purchasing or putting a deposit down, please view our location so you can make travel arrangements accordingly. We urge all of our buyers to come meet the animal(s) in person and not rely on a friend, family member, or ground transporter to view and pick up the animal for you. We want you to see the animal for yourself in person so you know exactly what you're getting and are fully happy with your purchase. 

Buyer will be required to pay for any vet services/paperwork requested for transportation purposes.

Ground Transporters: We do not recommend hiring a ground transporter that you do not know personally. After going through a terrible experience ourselves and hearing how many others have had serious problems with a hired transporter; we prefer you do not go this route for transport. Picking up the animal(s) in person is always your best option. If you do hire a ground transporter, always make sure to ask around for references, make sure they have proper credentials, are licensed, bonded, and insured, and have excellent communication with you. Since they will be hauling living, breathing creatures, it's also important that they understand the animal's basic needs to make sure the drive is comfortable and pleasant for the animal. 

When Kids Are Ready To Go: When purchasing goat kids, they are generally weaned at around 8-10 weeks old. Some might stay a little longer. We will contact you around this time to schedule a pick up day. Upon notification of weaning, you will be required to schedule a pick up day within 2 weeks unless other plans have been made with us. We will make every effort to contact you, but if contact cannot be made within this two week period, the deposit will be forfeited and animal will go back up for sale. We usually have a pretty flexible schedule and are quite reasonable when it comes to finding a pick up day that works for you.