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Page Last Updated: July 4, 2021

Apache x Dream Litter

Apache x Dream Litter
Number In Litter: 3 Boys, 3 Girls
Whelped: 5/8/2021
Ready: 7/13/2021

Say hello to Dream's litter...Snickers, Twix, Skittles, Dots, KitKat, and Starburst! What wonderful babies! This is Dream's very first litter and she has been an amazing, attentive mom. As you probably noticed, we decided to go with a candy theme for their temporary names. These guys will be super sweet and intelligent. All of them are blue with tan. Half are mottled and the other half are speckled. Bites are correct on all and they also all respond to sound. They all are very nicely put together with great temperaments. As typical cattle dogs, these guys will do best in active homes with lots of time for mental and physical activities and plenty of training, exercise, and playtime. Our dogs are no couch potatoes! 

Sire: BlueYonders Driftwood Apache
SS: 4 Hills Drift Away To Blue Yonder
SD: BlueYonders Jewel Of The Nile

Dam: KW Farms Dream Come True
DS: MillCreeks Come Bye Bullseye
DD: BlueYonders Get Your Shine On From South Mountain

Please see the Cowboys and Cowgirls pages for more information about Apache and Dream.

Health: Via parent testing through Pawprint Genetics, puppies are clear of PLL, PRA-PRCD, RCD4, DM, MC, and Cystinuria. 
They have NOT been BAER tested.

Price: $1500 with limited AKC registration to pet/non-breeding homes or we can discuss full registration for $2000.
Please read our Purchase Information page to learn more about reserving a puppy, puppy care, and so on. 

You can find more photos of this litter on Facebook at this link: CLICK HERE

Apache (sire)

Dream (dam)


~ Male      ~ Blue Mottled     ~ Full Mask

About Snickers: I am the biggest in the litter and also one of the most laid back. I'm a mellow boy who loves attention. I am very sweet like my mom and also a cuddler. I'm a little slow to come out of my shell in new surroundings, but am just as playful as everyone else once I do. I have the most white in my coat compared to my siblings. I will be a beautiful blue mottle! I'm very wide and stocky with a gorgeous head and expression.

Status: Reserved for Christine.


~ Male     ~Blue Mottled     ~ Small Eye Patch

About Twix: I am a very sweet boy with a medium temperament. I am very playful and get along well with my siblings, but also have an independent side. I will happily lead the way! Not much bothers me and I just go with the flow. I look just like my mom right now, but will probably end up a little darker, like dad. 

Status: Reserved for Brandi.


~ Male     ~Blue Speckled     ~Half Mask

About Skittles: Look out! I am a whirlwind! Full of energy, I am usually the first to greet my family and the last one to go to bed. I just can't get enough attention! I'm often leading my siblings on new adventures. I have one of the darkest coats of the litter, but am also by far the fluffiest. I'm just a tad smaller than my siblings, but should catch up in time. If you're looking for an fun, happy puppy that would love plenty of outdoor activity and playtime, I'm your guy!

Status: Reserved for Cassie.


~ Female     ~Blue Mottled     ~Plain Face

About Dots: I am a replica of my mom Dream and grandma Shine! Not only in looks, but also personality. I am very sweet and love attention. I love being held and giving kisses. I am a happy go lucky girl with a medium temperament. I am also very playful and love water. I will look very similar to my mom when grown, a blue mottle with no face markings. It's hard to find a puppy as cute and sweet as me!

Status: Reserved for Andrew.


~Female     ~Blue Speckled     ~Left Eye Patch

About KitKat: I am the most active and outgoing of my sisters! I'll happily lead the pack to new and great locations! I'm a water lover and very playful. There is no such thing and too much playtime! I have the most beautiful face and lovely speckled coat just like my dad. I would love an outdoorsy, adventurous family.

Status: Reserved for Drina.


~ Female     ~Blue Speckled     ~Plain Face

About Starburst: I am the stockiest of my sisters and also one of the calmest and quietest in the litter. I am an observer. I like to hang back and take my time in new surroundings. Once comfortable, I am super playful, but nap time is also one of my favorite times. I also love attention and giving kisses. So far, I look just like my grandma Shine, but with less mottling. I have a beautiful, thick coat and should be lightly speckled.

Status: Reserved for Sydney.