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Bullseye x Bella Litter

Bullseye x Bella Litter
Number In Litter: 1 Boy, 2 Girls
Whelped: 7/14/2021
Ready: 9/8/2021

Say hello to Bella's litter...Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus! What gorgeous puppies these are! They all are very nicely put together with great temperaments. They have beautiful heads, dark eyes, nice toplines, and feet. Both parents have a good amount of drive and are quite active. Bullseye is a pretty happy go lucky type fellow. Very intelligent, submissive, respectful, and easy to be around. He is also chill and laid back. Bella is also very intelligent and observant, easy going. She is very sweet and has a no nonsense type attitude. Bites are correct on all three pups and they also all respond to sound. As typical cattle dogs, these guys will do best in homes that have experience with the breed or have done their research. They will need plenty of training, exercise, and playtime. Our dogs are no couch potatoes! They do best with a job to do each day. These puppies have been vet checked and had their first set of vaccinations. They come with health records, some food, and a goodie bag. 

Sire: MillCreeks Come Bye Bullseye
SS: BlueYonders Cletus T @ HCK
SD: Devon's Time For Nickee At Helmvine

Dam: KW Farms Silver Bells
DS: Greycliff Badger Outback
DD: Cobbers Smokey-Mountain

Please see the Cowboys and Cowgirls pages for more information about Bullseye and Bella.

Health: Via parent testing through Pawprint Genetics, puppies are clear of PLL, DM, MC, Cystinuria and clear or carrier of PRA-PRCD. 
They have NOT been BAER tested.

Price: $1500 with limited AKC registration to pet/non-breeding homes or we can discuss full registration for $2000.
Half down, nonrefundable deposit required to hold a puppy.
Please read our Purchase Information page to learn more about reserving a puppy, puppy care, and so on. 

You can find more photos of this litter on Facebook at this link: CLICK HERE

Sire: Bullseye

Dam: Bella


~Male     ~Blue with Tan     ~Half Mask

About Jupiter: This big boy is a whirlwind! He has a very happy, playful, and outgoing personality. He is the most outgoing and confident of his siblings. He is also the stockiest of the litter with a nice broad head and beautiful build. He likes water and you can see in some of the first photos. He decided to sneak away and play in a mud puddle before his photoshoot. Overall, a really fun puppy that makes good eye contact, should be very loyal, playful, and active. One we are having a really hard time parting with! 

Status: Available


~Female    ~Blue without Tan    ~Half Mask

About Saturn: Oh, this girl is such a sweetie! She is sweet and submissive, but also playful and outgoing! She loves attention and playtime and seems to never run out of energy. She is a nice, even tempered puppy. She will stick by your side and loves cuddles, but will also go off and do her own thing. Very nice all around puppy. She gets along with everybody. Has solid, correct structure. She's a nice blend of both parents. Stands on correct legs and feet, has a nice topline, with a gorgeous head and expression and those dark eyes! Wow. She's going to be a real looker.

Status: Reserved for Sarah.


~Female    ~Blue without Tan    ~Full Mask

About Venus: Maybe one of the most beautiful puppies we've ever seen! Very nicely built little lady with a stunning head, very dark eyes, pretty markings...just gorgeous all around. If there ever was a Bella 2.0, it's this girl! Her looks and mannerisms are exactly the same as her mama. Kind of an observant, serious little pup. Venus is sweet as can be, but also the most independent puppy we've probably ever had. She reminds us of a little blue Dingo. LOL While all the other puppies follow us around, she is usually off blazing her own trail. She can be a bit bashful as well and might take some time to warm up to a new home and family. Very sweet and submissive toward people. Maybe a tiny bit bossy toward her mom and other pups at times. Typical cattle dog. Really unique puppy, both in personality and color. Love this girl! 

Status: Available