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Page Last Updated: November 23, 2021

Bullseye x Diamond Litter

Bullseye x Diamond Litter
Number In Litter: 4 Girls, 3 Boys
Whelped: 10/6/2021
Ready: 12/1/2021

Say hello to Diamond's first litter...Pumpkin, Cider, Crow, Spooky, Cinnamon, Maize, and Ghost! Fall theme! We are in love with these sweet babies! These will be pretty typical cattle, intelligent, rough, and tough! Bullseye is pretty laid back, but has a good amount of drive. He is an affectionate, sensitive boy that typically goes with the flow and just loves being with his people. Diamond is one of our most active girls. She is beautiful as can be, very intelligent, opinionated, biddable, and has a lot of go. Both are quite velcro and just love being involved with whatever we're doing. If these puppies take after their mom and you want an easy going dog...these are probably not it. We would prefer to place them in homes that are experienced with the breed who would love an outdoorsy, active type dog. Farm/ranch type homes would be amazing! These puppies should be stunning when grown. They are all nicely put together with beautiful markings...lots of speckles and mottles. They have a versatile pedigree with potential to go in just about any direction. Bottom side is linebred onto our foundation bitch, Shine. Since this is Diamond's first litter, we will be offering these puppies on limited registration only to non-breeding homes. At this time, all puppies have correct scissor bites and respond to sound. They will have their first vet check and vaccinations before leaving. They come with AKC registration and litter pedigree, a care sheet, health record, some food, and a goody bag.

Sire: MillCreeks Come Bye Bullseye
SS: BlueYonders Cletus T @ HCK
SD: Devon's Time For Nickee At Helmvine

Dam: KW Farms Diamonds N Barbwire
DS: SleepyHollows Blevins Buckle
DD: SleepyHollows Western Bling

Please see the Cowboys and Cowgirls pages for more information about Bullseye and Diamond.

Health: Sire and dam are both clear of PLL, PRA-PRCD, DM, Cystinuria, and MC via testing through Pawprint Genetics.
Puppies have NOT been BAER tested.

Price: $1500 with limited AKC registration to pet/non-breeding homes.
Half down, nonrefundable deposit required to hold a puppy. Remaining half due at time of pick up in cash.
Please read our Purchase Information page to learn more about reserving a puppy, puppy care, and so on. 

You can find more photos of this litter on Facebook at this link: CLICK HERE

Sire: Bullseye

Dam: Diamond


~Female     ~Blue Speckled     ~Full Mask

About Pumpkin: This beautiful girl is such a sweetie! She is a stocky pup with a gorgeous head and beautiful color. Such a pretty face and nice dark eyes. She is probably the stockiest of the females. Pumpkin is definitely the shy one of the litter. She is often sitting back observing everything and everyone. She is playful with her siblings, but she'll also happily go off on her own little adventure all by herself. New situations can be uncomfortable for her and she is pretty bashful about being held and doted on. For this reason, she's going to need a special home that will be extra understanding of her shy, quiet temperament. It may take her some time to come out of her shell in a new home. That said, sometimes puppies go through phases like this. She very well could grow out of it. She is the darkest colored puppy of the litter and will look pretty similar to her dad's color once grown. Maybe even darker. She's a real beauty!

Status: Reserved for Kochy.


~Female     ~Blue Mottled     ~Full Mask

About Cider: She is a very happy go lucky girl that eats up attention. Personality plus! Cider is a confident puppy that gets along with all and is very playful. She loves to be out and about and has lots of energy! She's a very sweet girl. Beautiful blue mottled coat and a super cute mask. She should end up with a bit more blue in her coat compared to her mom. Really nice all around puppy!

Status: Reserved for Jenai.


~Male      ~Blue Speckled       ~Full Mask

About Crow: He is one of the leaders of the pack! He is very playful and independent. Big stocky boy. He likes attention, but is not overly affectionate like some of the others. He'll happily go do his own thing. But still super sweet and friendly! He's somewhat laid back and pretty easy going. His coat color should look quite similar to his dad's once grown. He's got a beautiful head, strong ears, and a kind expression. Good looking boy!

Status: Reserved for Jessica.


~Male       ~Blue Mottled      ~Full Mask & Small Tail Spot

About Spooky: He is the life of the party! This little guy is full of energy. Very affectionate and playful. Loves attention and is quick to explore a new environment. He runs full speed into your arms and is just a happy go lucky boy. He is going to be very mottled. Similar to his mom and grandsire Blevins. Beautiful full mask on him and rich tan markings. He'll be quite a looker once grown! Nice boy.

Status: Reserved for Mariah.


~Female      ~Blue Mottled      ~Half Mask & Tail Spot

About Cinnamon: She is a fun, happy little girl with a bit of an independent side. She is super playful, plays nicely with others, but can also be a little bossy at times toward her siblings. Otherwise, pretty even tempered pup. She is confident and will happily lead her siblings on an adventure. Beautiful blue mottled coat that will look similar to her mom when grown. Gorgeous head and expression on her too. She is a nice looking pup!

Status: Reserved for Glen.


~Female      ~Blue Mottled      ~Full Mask

About Maize: She is very affectionate and loves cuddles! She's often in your lap getting lots of attention. Probably the most "velcro" of the group. Maize is very fun and playful with everyone. Another puppy with a nice even temperament. Beautiful blue mottled coat and a perfect, even mask. She is so pretty! We think her color will look similar to her granddam Shine.

Status: Reserved for Aaron.


~Male      ~Blue Mottled      ~Partial Mask

About Ghost: This boy is sweet as can be! He is very affectionate and loves attention. Very playful with his littermates. Has a nice, quiet demeanor about him. Probably the most mellow puppy of the litter and also the most well behaved. He has a beautiful, stocky build, a wide head, and kind eye. He reminds us a lot of his dad when he was a pup. He has a blue mottled coat that should end up darker than his mom. He is one handsome boy!

Status: Reserved for Merika.