KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

Deer Run Amulet
SOLD (for reference only)

DOB: 4/25/2004
Color: Light buckskin roan; scattered white.
Horns: Disbudded

Kidding History...
Quadruplets (3 does, 1 buck)
2010: Not Bred 

KW Farms SN Honey Dew 
KW Farms SN Aloha

Some of Amulet's strengths and weaknesses...

-very wide throughout
-docile, sweet temperament
-levelness and length
-consistent producer of sharp looking kids
-could use a tad more level rump
-could use sharper shoulders
-good brisket extension
-could use a tad more rear leg angulation
-straight legs
-plum teats with good medial division

Deer Run Amulet

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