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Wapato, Washington

Page Last Updated: August 2, 2018

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Location: Wapato, WA 98951. We do not offer air shipping. 

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale:

We have kids available! You can see them all on the 2018 Kids pages!

Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush "Nugget"

Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Heavily moonspotted and blue eyed.

DOB: 4/28/2015

Nugget was one of our breeding bucks for two seasons. He has produced many beautiful kids for us, but since we've kept so many of his kids, it's time to move him along. He has developed a hyper-extended front knee and has a very bad limp. He keeps up with the other bucks though and should be totally sound for breeding. He is sells "as is." He does not come with papers.

FOR SALE $300 (no papers)

KW Farms GR Winter Sapphire

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

Cream and white with blue eyes.

DOB: 5/24/2017

Sire: Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush

Dam: KW Farms GM Winter Wonderland

This doeling is very striking and beautiful! Nice conformation, good growth. We think she has show potential. She is also from blue eyed parents so possibly homozygous for blue eyes. 

FOR SALE $400.

J34 Wether Kid

Nigerian Dwarf Castrated Male

Buckskin/chamoise with moonspots.

DOB: 4/10/2017

Sire: Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush 

Dam: KW Farms SH Madison

Gorgeous, unique moonspotted boy! He is weaned and ready to go!

Priced at $100.

J42 Cryptorchid Buck Kid

Nigerian Dwarf Cryptorchid Male

Solid white.

DOB: 4/15/2017

Sire: NC PromisedLand RB Rampage *B

Dam: NC PromisedLand Sharp Raina 3*M

Cute and fluffy boy! Unfortunately he has one retained testicle. Sells "as is." 

Priced at $50.

J98 Doe Kid

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Doeling

Buckskin/cou clair pinto.

DOB: 6/3/2017

Sire: Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush

Dam: Poppy Patch RC High Fashion

Really fancy little doe with quality udders behind her. Her dam has large, plumb teats and a very capacious udder. This doe should make an awesome milker someday! 

FOR SALE $400.

Nigerian Dwarf Wethers

Come pick yours out!

$100 each.

Horses For Sale:

We will have two or three Paint foals available! More info. coming soon.

If you would like to get on a waiting list for an upcoming foal, feel free to get in touch!


PtHA Pending

DOB: 3/26/2018

Color: Grulla w/ a star and white on hind feet.

Sire: Eight Second Ride

Dam: Mia

Availability: Sale pending to Charlotte. $2000

Classy Rodeo Rose

APHA Registered

DOB: 3/26/2018

Color: Grulla tobiano.

Sire: Eight Second Ride

Dam: Tux Gotta Black Rock

Availability: Possibly for sale. Contact us if interested.

Shining Cinder

APHA Registered

DOB: 3/29/2018

Color: Solid black.

Sire: Eight Second Ride

Dam: Billys Western Rain

Availability: FOR SALE $1,500. Contact us for addition photos!

Puppies For Sale

Livestock Guardian Dog Puppies

(7/8 Great Pyrenees, 1/8 Anatolian Shepherd)

Sire: Zeus (Purebred Great Pyrenees)

Dam: Sheba (3/4 Great Pyrenees, 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd)

Last available two boys are sale pending!