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Wapato, Washington

Page Last Updated: January 2, 2023

Livestock Guardian Dogs

We have been keeping livestock guardian dogs as protection for our animals for fifteen years. Living in a rural area with small goats, poultry, and baby animals arriving each spring means predators such as coyotes, stray dogs, and hawks are a real concern. With our guardian team on duty, we don't have to worry nearly as much. Our guardians keep our livestock well protected by keeping predators far away. We have been working with this particular line of dogs for ten years. It started with our first Great Pyrenees, Halloo. He came from a farm in Washington and turned out to be an outstanding, gentle, and attentive guardian. Great with the goats and poultry. Just an easy guardian that needed little to no guidance. Everything came very naturally to him. Sadly, we lost him way too soon in an accident. After that, we were blessed to acquire a full brother of his, Zeus. He had the same wonderful temperament and from him we were able to continue that line. We currently have a two dog team, Titan and Calypso. Titan is a purebred Great Pyrenees who came from a nearby farm. He is a no nonsense guardian. As a puppy, he was turned out with our goat herd immediately and knew right what to do. He has never been separated from stock. He is big and aloof and has an extremely gentle, easy going temperament, but predators be warned. He keeps a close watch for threats on the horizon. Our female Calypso is a Zeus daughter. She is almost full Great Pyrenees with a very small amount of Anatolian Shepherd...1/8th Anatolian Shepherd to be exact. Her mother was another one of our proven guardians. Calypso is the real deal. Very bonded to her goats, poultry safe, newborn safe, and a major threat to any predators. She is really outstanding and everything we like to see in a livestock guardian dog. She has raised two litters so far and they've been just as wonderful. Our dogs are proven guardians of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, goat kids (including newborns), different types of poultry (including chickens, baby chicks, and turkeys), horses and foals. They are not diggers or excessive barkers. They are actually very quiet unless there's some sort of threat. They are not wanderers and typically stay right with their goat herd. Our litters are whelped in the goat pen. Puppies are raised with goats and goat kids. They are used to human attention, but are not babied or overhandled. They are not made into pets or used to being indoors. When you bring your puppy home, they will want to be outside with the livestock. They are big, aloof and are already on their way to being a wonderful guardian for your herd or flock. We currently have a litter of six that will be ready late February. If interested, feel free to contact us at We are keeping a list for those interested in purchasing a puppy. 

Titan and Calypso


Calypso with her doe herd.

Calypso's uncle, Halloo. Our first Great Pyrenees.


Titan hanging out with the Swedish Flower Hens.


Calypso and Titan


Sheba, a Titan x Calypso daughter hanging out with the weanlings.
She has been with goats and kids since birth.


The ultimate guardian, Calypso


Sheba, a Titan x Calypso daughter. 

Protecting her goats 24/7 at just a year old.


Halloo watching over newborn quadruplets.


Calypso keeps a keen eye while her does enjoy pasture.


Titan mentors his pups.


Puppies are born in the goat pen and start learning good guardian skills from the get go. Calypso is a no-nonsense mama.

Calypso is never far from her herd.


Goats need not worry about predators.