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Wapato, Washington

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Joyful Hearts UG Golden Tansy

DOB: 6/10/2006
Color: Gold; abundant roaning
Horns: Disbudded.

Kid History...
2010: Single (doe)
2011: Sinlgle (doe)
2012: Twins (bucks)
2013: Twins (does)

KW Farms HG Tambourine

Some of Tansy's strengths and weaknesses...

-awesome width and body capacity
-would like to see more levelness
-rump could use more levelness as well
-toes out slightly in rear
-great rear leg angulstion
-beautiful front end, could use more brisket extension
-very nice udder: good fore, good attachment & width
-great medial, nice plumb teats

Joyful Hearts UG Golden Tansy

Sandy Hollow KD Ulee's Gold *S MCH Goodwood KW Dallas +*S
MCH Rosasharn's Ume 4*D
Artist's Eye Miz Behavin Artist's Eye FM Trigger
Artist's Eye FM Elven Ring
Tansy's udder at 4 years old.

Updated photos of Tansy and her udder taken August 2013 as a 7 year old.