KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

KW Farms BG Darla Blue

About Darla:


Barn Name: Darla

Date of Birth: 3/2/2009

Color: Black and white with blue eyes.

Horns: Disbudded

Registered: AGS & ADGA

Kidding History:

2011: Not bred.

2012: Not bred.

2013: Single (Doe)

2014: Not bred.

2015: Twins (Does)

2016: Triplets (2 Does, 1 Buck)

Darla's Progeny: 

KW Farms PS Darli Mae

Show Information:

Never shown.


Darla is one of our herd favorites. She has one of the longest, most level toplines we've seen, a nice rump, sharp withers, and a gorgeous long neck. Darla has beautiful depth of body, an extended brisket, strong front end assembly, smoothly blended throughout, and she is very wide. She stands on strong, upright pasterns and tracks nicely. I would like to see more width between the hocks, other than that, she is a very correct, beautiful doe. Her udder is capacious and nicely shaped, medial could be stronger. Darla doesn't have the fanciest pedigree in the herd, but she sure makes up for that with her good looks. Definitely a favorite around here! I just wish she would give us some more doe kids! She has had trouble getting bred in the past. I think due to her weight; she's a very easy keeper and usually stays over conditioned. We were lucky enough to get a 2015 doe kid out of her that we'll be hanging onto.


KW Farms BG Darla Blue


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