KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

KW Farms TB B'Udderly The Best
Sold (for reference only)

DOB: 6/8/2010
Color: Chamoisee; minimal white.
Horns: Disbudded.

Kid History...
2011: Not Bred.
2012: Twins (does)
2013: Triplets (does)

Some of Betty's strengths and weaknesses...

-outstanding udder genetics behind her
-bred onto Kingwood and Tom Thumb close up
-great length of body
-nice width throughout
-rump is pretty level
-nice straight legs and toes
-excellent brisket and neck
-potential for a very nice udder

KW Farms TB B'Udderly The Best

*B Rosasharn Tom's B'Udder Up *S ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S E
Stonewall's Baby 'Uddercup 2*D AR1559
Creek Road Golden Flyer *D MCH Goodwood KW Dallas +*S
Goodwood KW AI Spotted Burnet
Photos on left are of Betty's dam's udder. Photo on right is of Betty as a yearling.
All other photos taken August 2012 with a 12 hour udder fill.