KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

KW Farms MG Dipped In Copper

About Dipped In Copper:


Barn Name: Copper

Date Of Birth: 7/24/2013

Color: Solid black swiss marked.

Horns: Disbudded


Registered: ADGA

Kidding History: 

2015: Twins (Does) FF

2016: Triplets (2 Bucks, 1 Doe)

2017: Quadruplets (2 Bucks, 2 Does)

2018: Quintuplets (4 Bucks, 1 Doe)

Copper's Progeny:

KW Farms SH Candy Crush

KW Farms SH Lady Liberty

KW Farms SH Gold Dust Dippin

KW Farms GR Dipped In Rubies

KW Farms GR Dipped In Diamonds

KW Farms BM Black Silk

Show Information:

Never shown.


Copper is a beautiful little doe with a fantastic pedigree. She was intentionally linebred onto Bay Watch and after seeing this doe mature and freshen, I can say it was a very successful linebreeding! Copper was born on the smaller side and has taken awhile to grow and mature. I wasn't too excited about her at first as she kind of went through an awkward growth phase. She was smaller than other does her age and didn't really stand out. Thank goodness we kept this girl as she has grown from an ugly duckling into an elegant swan. This year after being bred and freshening, she has really matured nicely and freshened with a beautiful udder. One of Copper's half sisters (same dam) has received ADGA's Elite Doe designation as well which is quite an accomplishment! You can read more about ADGA's Elite Status here:



                                                     Proctor Hill Farm Mr Goodbar

                                                     (Click Here for info.)

KW Farms MG Dipped In Copper


                                                  Pecan Hollow PS Silk Stockings

                                                  (Dam of 2015 ADGA ELITE Doe)

                                                  (Click Here for info.)


Proctor Hill Farm BW ArcticBay *S *B


NC PromisedLand Payday


MCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm +*S ++*B


Pecan Hollow GL Aurora

ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*S E ++B
(3x GCH, 3x Best Of Breed)

SGCH Spring Fever Calista *D 1*M VEEE90
(3x GCH, 2x Best Of Breed)

NC PromisedLand Paypal *S

NC PromisedLand SS Peepshow 2*D 2*M 

ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*S E ++B

(3x GCH, Best Of Breed)

MCH GCH Twin Creeks BH Mariri's Zinnia 4*D E 1*M 


Goodwood SD Laredo *S

Twin Creeks KM Christmas Candy 2*D

Copper's first freshening udder below.