KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

KW Farms SF Rainy Days

About Rainy:


Barn Name: Rainy

Date of Birth: 6/7/2007

Color: Chamoisee and white.

Horns: Disbudded


Registered: AGS & ADGA

Kidding History:

2009: Not bred.

2010: Triplets (2 Does, 1 Buck)

2011: Triplets (1 Doe, 2 Bucks)

2012: Triplets (2 Does, 1 Buck)

2013: Triplets (1 Doe, 2 Bucks)

2014: Not bred.

2015: Quadruplets (3 Does, 1 Buck)

2016: Quadruplets (1 Doe, 3 Bucks)

2017: Triplets (3 Does)

Rainy's Progeny:

KW Farms DJ Umbrella

KW Farms DJ Arctic Skipper

KW Farms SN Shiver Me Timbers

KW Farms RP Ramrod

KW Farms BM MoonlitRainInParis

KW Farms BM Dancing Inda Rain

KW Farms BM Raindrops On Roses

KW Farms TH Cream Puff

KW Farms TH Midnight Rainstorm

KW Farms GR Misty Turquoise 

KW Farms GR Topaz Raindrops

Show Information:

1st in her class at 2010 CWSF.

3rd in her class at 2013 AGS Nationals.


Rainy is an own daughter of the great MCH GCH PGCH SM3Pines Juren's Swell Foop +B who was the first Nigerian Dwarf buck to achieve a triple permanent championship. Rainy is what a Nigerian Dwarf doe should look like. Just love this correct little doe. She stands on straight legs, nice rear leg angulation, wide between the hocks, nice blending and width throughout, very level topline with a wide rump. She also has a very capacious, pretty udder. Nicely attached, great shape and width, good height through the escutcheon, and a smooth fore udder. If I could change anything about this doe, I would like to see tighter toes, a stronger medial, and more plumb, larger teats. Overall, she's a gorgeous little doe and has been a wonderful producer and mom. Usually throwing triplets and even a set of quads. Rainy has a very mellow, laid back personality. Definitely one of our herd favorites!



                           PGCH MCH GCH SM3Pines JurEn's Swell Foop +B

KW Farms SF Rainy Days


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