KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

KW Farms TB B'Udders Angel Bay

DOB: 6/16/2010
Color: Light cream & white.
Horns: Disbudded.

Kid History...
2012: Single (buck)
2013: Twins (buck/doe)

Some of Angel's strengths and weaknesses...

-excellent pedigree
-nice legs, but is a bit cow hocked in the rear
-brisket could be more pronounced
-nice withers, but shoulders are slightly loose
-good depth of body, but could be longer bodied overall
-bred onto two of the most influential ND bucks
(Baywatch & Tom Thumb)

KW Farms TB B'Udders Angel Bay

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Photos taken of Angel...July 2013 with a 12 hour fill, second freshening.