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Wapato, Washington

KW Farms GM Winter Wonderland

About Winter Wonderland:


Barn Name: Wonder

Date Of Birth: 6/12/2010

Color: Solid white with blue eyes.

Horns: Disbudded


Registered: ADGA & AGS

Kidding History:

2012: Twins (Doe, Buck)

2013: Single (Buck)

2014: Twins (Does)

2015: Quadruplets (2 Does, 2 Bucks)

2016: Single (Doe)

Wonder's Progeny:

KW Farms RC Zinnia

KW Farms IH River Song

KW Farms BM Azle Blue

KW Farms BM Blue Winter Moon

KW Farms TX Pippa Spice

Show Information:

Never shown.


Wonder is a wide and deep bodied doe with a nice topline, sharp withers, and a long neck. She stands on straight legs, but does toe out a little in the rear. I would like to see a more level rump on this doe, tighter toes, and tighter, smoother shoulders. Unfortunately her shoulders are quite loose. However, we have seen a huge improvement in her kid's shoulders just by using the right buck with her. She has so many strong points going for her though and produces beautiful kids. Her udder is just gorgeous. Nicely shaped, nice teats, strong medial, and excellent capacity. I would like to see stronger attachments overall and better height up through the escutcheon. 



                                                              Little Tot's Estate Geum

KW Farms GM Winter Wonderland


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                                      Photos below were taken of Wonder as a 2nd freshener.

Photos above and on right were taken on Wonder's 5th freshening with about a 12 hour udder fill.

Photo below is of Wonder as a kid.