KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

KW Farms WL Beyond the Sun

Color: Chamoisee; frosted ears/nose.
Horns: Disbudded.
Height: TBD
Registered: ADGA & AGS

Kid History...
2013: Twins (bucks)

More information about Sunny...

-combination of two excellent bloodlines
(Bay Watch and Cowpoke)
-some excellent udders behind this doe
-conformationally, quite correct
-nice rear leg angulation
-does toe out in the rear a little
-freshened with a very capacious udder
-teats wing out, but I like the udder shape and texture

KW Farms WL Beyond the Sun

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Photos of Sunny were taken July 2013 as a first freshener with a 12 hour udder fill.

Below on left is Sunny's dam, Silk Stockings. On right: Tianna Quinn (courtesy of Old Mountain Farm).