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Wapato, Washington

KW Farms WL Makana

About Makana:


Barn Name: Makana

Date Of Birth: 7/12/2011

Color: Chamoisee with white.

Horns: Disbudded


Registered: ADGA

Kidding History:

2013: Twins (Does)

2014: Twins (Bucks)

2015: Single (Buck)

2016: Twins (Does)

2017: Triplets (2 Does, 1 Buck)

Makana's Progeny:

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Show Information:

Never shown.


We had no plans to keep Makana when she was a kid. She was for sale as a weanling, but while in the weaning pen, she tried to hop the fence to get to her dam. When she did this, she caught one of her rear legs on a panel and got hung up. Luckily, her leg was mendable, but it took a few months to fully heal. While she had time to heal, she's was pulled from the sales list. By the time her leg was healed and she was no longer limping, we started to see just how nice she was maturing and decided to hang onto her. At least until she freshened. When she did freshen as a two year old and I saw her udder, I knew this is one I better hang onto. As a fifth freshener, her udder has huge capacity and is very easy to milk out. Nice orifices. She has a strong medial and is nice and wide through that escutcheon. Makana stands on straight legs, has great depth and length of body, good width. Nice general appearance. She's a beautiful doe that we're so glad we kept!




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KW Farms WL Makana


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Photos below were taken of Makana on her first freshening.


Makana's second freshening udder below.

Makana's fifth freshening udder below.

Super short video below taken while milking Makana.