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Page Last Updated: January 1, 2021

APHA Paint Mares

Tux Gotta Black Rock

Fancy has a puppy dog personality. Loves attention, mellow, and sweet as can be. She has been a super trail horse that anyone can ride. She's even given riding lessons to kids. She's a big bodied, wide mare with a big hip, pretty neck, and nice topline. She stands on correct legs and is a beautiful mover. Absolutely wonderful producing mare. All of her foals have had her same disposition and beautiful build. She's been color tested through UC Davis and is negative for splashed white 1, 2, & 3. She's heterozygous for black and frame overo and negative for cream. 

She has been 5-panel tested through UC Davis and is negative for Herda, PSSM1, HYPP, MH, and GBED.

You can view Fancy's foals here: FANCY'S FOALS

Fancy will be bred to Slidin Inon Rio for a 2022 foal.

Tux Gotta Black Rock


Gotta Krystal Rock

Dominos Delivers

Chico Coulee

Rickashay Rock

Gotta Treasure

Prodigals Domino

Dakotas Breeze

Chick Chater

Miss Heart Drifter

Indian Jack

Kandy Krystal

Gotta Tru Hunch

Pistols Treasure

Prodigal Sonny

Coasters Miss

Dails Pride

Dakota Dolly

Three Chicks

Cindy Band

Midnight Drifter

Missy Hearts

Two Eyed Jack

Miss Tacoma

Docs Dee Bar

Double Fluffy

Tru Tru

Gotta Hunch

Pistol Bar

Treasured Isle


Ttahcut Sneewit

This gorgeous mare is "Cheyanne." She is one of the kindest mares we've been around and is an excellent producer and wonderful mom. She's the dam to our stallion Eight Second Ride. This mare stands at 14.2. Has a nice hip, elegant neck, and nice short topline. Cheyanne has been color tested through UC Davis. She is homozygous black, heterozygous dun, and heterozygous tobiano. She was tested for splashed white and is negative for all three forms.

You can view Cheyanne's foals here: CHEYANNE'S FOALS

Cheyanne will be bred to Chrome for a 2022 foal.

Ttahcut Sneewit

Buds Little Bugs

Olivia Twist

Buds Lad

Lady Bug Jazz

Mr Breeze Bar

Wendy Scoot

Lads Whiskers

Go Cake

Bold Jazz

Pauls Butter Cup

Breeze Bar

Bobbie Twist



Lads Painted Joe

Teques Lady 194

Star Buff

Snippie Cake

Bold Whim

Motor On Cindy

Paul Easter

Lady Burnadett

Three Bars

Watch Breeze

Hard Twist

Bobbie Celtney





Imperial Foxy Bar One

Lady is an absolutely stunning, big bodied, powerful mare with a sweet nature and a beautiful face and expression. She stands at about 15 hands and is super stout and well muscled. Big hip, clean, straight legs, and a strong topline. We completely fell in love with this mare when we first saw her in person and brought her home that day. She has been color tested for frame overo and splashed white and is negative for both. 

Disease Testing: 5 Panel Negative

You can view Lady's foals here: LADY'S FOALS

Lady will be bred to Chrome for a 2020 foal.

Imperial Foxy Bar One

Super Bee Tuff

Ecks Tammy Foxy

Super Gee Bee

Imps High Scooter

TBH Painted Elvis

Im A Foxy Fantasy

Coaster Supercharg

Bells Tami

Imperial One

Mary High

Billy Shoe Shine

Sweet Sugar Lump

Fantasy Row Dee

Blonde Charm Bar

Diamond Coaster

Sweet Lana Lee

Mondo Bar

Red Palm Sunday

Sir Quincy Bob

Kokie Reed

Keeno High



Paula Shoe Shine

Super Paint

My Sugar Lump

Vick Tation


Phantom Fox

Vulcan Blondee

Classy Rodeo Rose

Classy is a filly we kept out of Tux Gotta Black Rock and sired by Eight Second Ride. 


Grade Paint Mare

Solid Grulla

We love everything about this mare except for her lack of papers. Unfortunately that's what's kept us from breeding her. She is a purebred solid Paint, both parents are registered. Sadly, we were unable to get her papers from her previous owner. Mia is one of our biggest horses. Tall and stocky mare that stands at around 15.2-3 hands. She is very sweet and a pleasure to be around. Can be a bit standoffish around strangers though. She is one of the lead mares in our herd. Gorgeous conformation and a nice mover. Love her neck and beautiful head and expression.