KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush

About Gold Rush:


Barn Name: Nugget

Date Of Birth: 4/28/2015

Color: Moonspotted buckskin/cou clair; minimal white; blue eyes.

Horns: Disbudded


Registered: ADGA

Kid History:

2016: 31 (17 Does, 14 Bucks)

2017: 64 (38 Does, 26 Bucks)

Show Information:

Not yet shown.

Gold Rush's Progeny:

KW Farms GR Midnight Morganite

KW Farms GR Zircon Mirage

KW Farms GR Winter Sapphire

KW Farms GR Winter Fire Opal

KW Farms GR Topaz Raindrops

KW Farms GR Misty Turquoise

KW Farms GR Blue Lace Agate

KW Farms GR Moonlit Emerald

KW Farms GR Shimmering Pearl

KW Farms GR Georgia

KW Farms GR Precious Potion

KW Farms GR Dipped In Rubies

KW Farms GR Dipped In Diamonds

KW Farms GR Photo Focus

KW Farms GR Mini Pearl

KW Farms GR Golden Pearl

KW Farms GR Silver Pearl

Gold Rush's Progeny:

KW Farms GR Blue Diamond

KW Farms GR Prepare 2B Dazzled

KW Farms GR Blue Gemstone

KW Farms GR Blue Topaz

KW Farms GR Precious Gem

KW Farms GR Honey Gold

KW Farms GR Golden Dewdrop

KW Farms GR Gold Diamonds

KW Farms GR Gemstone Mirage

KW Farms GR Bedazzled Gem

KW Farms GR Painted Gold Dust

KW Farms GR Baby Blues

KW Farms GR Golden Girl

KW Farms GR Special Tee

KW Farms GR Rustic Lace

KW Farms GR Cowboy Boots

KW Farms GR Striped Citrine

KW Farms GR Amber Agate

KW Farms GR Amethyst

KW Farms GR Poppy

KW Farms GR Penelope

KW Farms GR Opal Glow

KW Farms GR Sparkling Azure

KW Farms GR Sapphire Rose

KW Farms GR Topaz Bedazzled

KW Farms GR Hot Tamale

KW Farms GR Clouded Moonstone

KW Farms GR Rose Gold

KW Farms GR Tangled Sage

KW Farms GR Gold Fashion

KW Farms GR Darling Gold Dust

KW Farms GR Fancy Diamond

KW Farms GR Metallic Splash


Nugget is a super cute little buck that we felt would be a nice addition to our herd. We liked the look of his dam's first freshening udder and were familiar with his sire's bloodlines. His sire is actually a half brother to our Brush Creek RBL InSandrasHonor (through Brush Creek Beth). However, Nugget's pedigree is mostly new to us, close up genetics that we haven't yet tried in our herd, however, he goes back to some very nice, familiar bloodlines so I think he's going to mesh well with a lot of our girls. He has matured a lot since these photos were taken, but we would like to see a more level and longer rump and better rear leg angularity. The width on this guy is great and he is super high and wide through the escutcheon and between the hocks. Nugget's color is also pretty cool. He's actually a combination of the buckskin and cou clair patterns, but is covered in chocolate/gray moonspots and has bright blue eyes. Bred to a black doe, he will always throw a cou clair or a buckskin. 50/50 on the moonspots and and same for the blue eyes. His first kids were gorgeous!

2017 Update: We have used Nugget quite a bit here and have retained some beautiful kids from him. He is now retired from breeding! We have many of his daughters as well as a son to replace him that will continue on his genetics here.


Mossy Valley PC Gold Rush


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Photos taken of Nugget as a yearling.

Gold Rush's dam's udder pictured below. Photo courtesy of Mossy Valley.

Mossy Valley CM Lilikoi