KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

PGCH Pecan Hollow L Jezzabelle

Registered Name: Pecan Hollow L Jezzabelle
Dark red chocolate; minimal white.
Horns: Polled

Kidding History:
2009 & Prior: Unknown
Triplets (1 doe, 2 bucks)
2011: Triplets (1 doe, 2 bucks)
2012: Twins (does)
2013: Not bred.
2014: Not bred.
Some of Jezzy's Progeny:
CH Pecan Hollow Fawn
Pecan Hollow TW Lolia
KW Farms WL Bad Romance
KW Farms WL Midnight Cowboy
KW Farms RP Love Potion
Jezzy is a beautiful doe with an old foundation pedigree, good conformation, and a nice udder. She is a finished champion with NDGA. She stands on nice legs, has a nice uphill stance, with an attractive neck and front end. I would like to see tighter toes and if I get picky, she is a bit dipped through the chine. Jezzy is a great doe, but an even better producer. She has produced some outstanding sons and daughters; one particularly noteworthy daughter of her's is CH Pecan Hollow Fawn who is the 2013 AGS National CH Sr. Doe. I love what Jezzy has done for my herd. We hope to have at least one more kidding from her, though she seems to be having a hard time settling in the last two years. At her age, she is getting close to retiring. We are very pleased to have some of her amazing progeny in our herd. We would love to have more, but that is up to her. ;)
PGCH Pecan Hollow L Jezzabelle
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Pictured below: Jezzy's udder and two of her daughters.
On left: CH Pecan Hollow Fawn   On right: KW Farms RP Love Potion