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Page Last Updated: November 30, 2017

KW Farms Reviews

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I wanted to let you know how your goats did when we took them to the ADGA 3 ring show on the west side this weekend so you can post it on your show results page if you wish. We are very grateful for your goat's influence on our herd. More importantly, we are grateful for your friendship and goat advice. Thank you for your kindness, honesty, and integrity as a breeder. These qualities are not always easy to find and that is why we enjoy all of our transactions with you. Blessings to you and your farm. -Tammy

Raindrops - 2 X Grand Champion Jr. Doe! (pictured)
Potion - Grand Champion Buck as yearling!
MerryGold - 4th, as a first freshener in a very large, competitive class of 22 2-3 y/o's
I have nothing but great things to say about KW Farms! For anyone looking to buy quality nigerians, this is the place. They truly breed for the total package- dairy, conformation, and color. I have so far purchased 3 does and a buck from KW Farms. I am proud of my dairy goats that are from KW because the breeding program they work is so exceptional, they're truly meticulous about it and it shows. We participate in 4H, and the DHI program and have never been disappointed in our goats. I have wonderful milkers with great temperments. Over the last couple yrs no matter how long it has been since I purchased from  KW Farms Kylee has always answered my goat questions- about behavior, registering, kidding q's, breeding questions, the most random and silly things I have asked have always been answered promptly and with care. Whether it was helping me with goats who didn't get along or finding a buck to breed my doe to Kylee has always been professional and helpful.  I will happily invest in more KW Farms goats in the future! -Briana
I purchased six goats from KW Farms last year and I couldn't be happier! They are each so unique in coloring and beautiful! They are from good lines, so I can be proud of my starter herd! -Jonquille
I purchased my first Nigerians from KW Farms, as well as one of my current herdsires. I'm hoping for a doeling this year! I consider Kylee's one of the best farms, not only because she has stellar animals, but she's great to work with, is always happy to answer a question, and the photography is top notch! I hope someday my herd is as lovely as hers. -Nicole
I love your goats. The colors are beautiful and great milk genetics. I bought one of your bucks and few years back and I love him so much. He has brought beautiful babies to my herd. -Millcreek Ridge Minis
Bought two beautiful does a year and a half ago. Both just freshened for the first time with beautiful kids and what looks to be like beautiful udders. Kylee was great to work with and she knows her goats. Was glad to add these genetics into our herd and would most definitely buy from her again. -Cupcake Haven/Finn Family Farm
There is no contest for our favorite blued-eyed KW Farms’ doe — it’s KW Farms Gold Diamonds (pictured below). She is the head of our herd and has blessed us with two blued-eyed amazing kids — Prima Wara Farms Dominic and Buzz. Not surprising, it was a KW Farms buck that sired our majestic kids — KW Farms Rambunctious, our herd sire, has certainly lived up to his name. We are so grateful to KW Farms for the opportunity to have superior genetics at our own farm and to be able to share our lives with these wonderful creatures.  -Prima Wara Farms