KW Farms
Wapato, Washington

Rosasharn SP Dakota Skipper *S *B VVE88

About Dakota Skipper:


Barn Name: Dakota

Date Of Birth: 3/31/2009

Color: Buckskin; minimal white & moonspots.

Horns: Disbudded


Registered: AGS & ADGA

Kid History:

2016: 18 (10 Bucks, 8 Does)

LA Score: VVE88 (2010)

Dakota's Progeny:

KW Farms DS Something Special

KW Farms DS Emma Lee

KW Farms DS Pearl Crescent

KW Farms DS Dakota Cowpoke

KW Farms DS Dakota Flash

KW Farms DS Black Sails

Dakota's Progeny:

KW Farms DS Dakota Rain

KW Farms DS Northern Flicker

Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 1*M 3*D VEEE90

Joyful Hearts DS Napua VEV+85

Joyful Hearts DS Keanu

Joyful Hearts DS Malia

Joyful Hearts DS Willow

Joyful Hearts DS Gabriella

Left Foot Farm DS Zeus

Left Foot Farm DS Petra

Left Foot Farm DS Pandora

Left Foot Farm DS Jasmine Tea

Left Foot Farm Father Abraham

Left Foot Farm Eden

Left Foot Farm Ladybug

Left Foot Farm Gilligan


Dakota is a friendly buck with correct conformation, a proven pedigree, and proven daughters. He has a long, level topline, sharp withers and an uphill appearance, nice correct legs, long neck, strong brisket. It's hard to find many faults with this one. He has sired many gorgeous daughters for the Joyful Hearts herd including the beautiful Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 1*M 3*D VEEE90 (photo below) who has a gorgeous udder, an excellent LA score, and has her milk stars as well. We are thrilled to have Dakota in our herd and can't wait to see what he does. We also think he might be a good one to cross on some of our Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S ++B E90 daughters as well as some of our Rosasharn Tom's B'Udder Up *S *B daughters which will give us some really nice linebreedings.



                                                     ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo *S *B EEE91

Rosasharn SP Dakota Skipper *S *B VVE88


                                                      SG Rosasharn's TL Mariposa 4*D 3*M

                                                      (2007 AGS National Youth Champion)

                                                      (AGS Top Ten Milk Awards)


Doe-Sy-Doe's FS Storm Warning *S


ARMCH Rosasharn's Unagi 4*D 3*M E


ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L +*S ++*B E

(2000 AGS National Best of Breed)


ARMCH Rosasharn's Guadalupe Monteada 3*D 2*M
(AGS Top Ten Milk Production)

ARMCH Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm *S E
(Sire to '02 National BOB & Best Udder)

MCH Doe-Sy-Doe's Honey Bun *D E

ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L +*S ++*B E
(2000 AGS National Best of Breed)

ARMCH Rosasharn's Uni 3*D 2*M E

Stonewall's Apocalypse Now ++*S E

ARMCH Goodwood Water Lily 2*D

(2000 AGS National Champion)

ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb +*S E

(2x AGS National Champion)

Stonewall's Baby 'Uddercup 2*D *M

One of Dakota's daughters, Joyful Hearts DS Tiger Tracks 3*D 1*M VEEE90, pictured below. 
Photo courtesy of Fern Guyer (Joyful Hearts Farm)