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Sandy Hollow CS Sugar N Spice 1*M

DOB: 4/15/2006
Color: Tan with chocolate moonspots.
Horns: Disbudded

Kidding History...
2011: Triplets (2 does, 1 buck)

JDR Ranch MA Limited Edition

Some of Spice's strengths and weaknesses...

-extremely nice general appearence
-level uphill stance
-excellent brisket extension
-nice, fairly level rump
-sharp withers
-lovely neck that blends well into body
-straight legs with great rear leg angulation
-tons of dairy character with a strong milk/show pedigree
-tons of Rosasharn genetics close up

Sandy Hollow CS Sugar N Spice 1*M

Rosasharn GX Cashew *S Rosasharn's TL Galaxy *S E
ARMCH Rosasharn's P'Nut B'udder Cup 3*D VG
Silveraurora JC Vanilla Roo Jobi Cloud *S
Rosasharn's UMT Bella Roo 3*D AR1768


Spice's udder at 5 years old (not completely filled) and GCH Sandy Hollow Mon Petit Chou 2*M (Spice's daugher).