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 About Eight Second Ride:

Eight Second Ride "Rascal" is a gorgeous 2010 grulla splashed white tobiano stallion by Call Me Billy and out of Ttahcut Sneewit. This stallion is fancy! He stands at 15.1 on clean, correct legs. He has a nice hip and gorgeous head and neck. Beautiful mover and a very sweet demeanor. He is friendly, quiet, and respectful. Rascal is easy to handle, smart, trainable, and athletic. He has sired six foals now. All with beautiful conformation, outgoing, friendly personalities, easy going, and just a pleasure to be around. 

Rascal has been UC Davis tested and is homozygous black, lethal white overo negative, heterozygous for tobiano, and heterozygous for splashed white 1. He is negative for cream and carries one copy of the dun gene. EE aa Dnd2 Tt SW1sw1

He is negative for Herda, PSSM1, HYPP, MH, and LWO. He is a carrier of GBED. 

GBED is recessive and takes two copies for a foal to be affected. 

Rascal will never sire an affected foal when bred to a GBED negative mare.

You can view his extended pedigree on AllBreedPedigree here: Eight Second Ride 

You can view Rascal's foals on our website: CLICK HERE

About Poco Painted Chrome:

More information coming soon!

In Loving Memory...

We are sad to announce the loss of our beautiful stallion, Call Me Billy or "Shiner." He had suffered a leg injury and after several weeks of care, vet visits, and treatment which included putting his leg in a cast for a possible fracture and torn ligament, he just did not improve. He was in a lot of pain and both the vet and we agreed, the best thing to do for him would be to humanely euthanize and end his suffering. Although we are very saddened by his loss, we feel blessed to have had this wonderful stallion in our herd for the time that we did. He was our first stallion and a gift from a very generous Paint breeder and friend. Shiner was an absolute pleasure to be around, a big baby doll. He has made a great impact on our herd and our hearts. We are thankful to have a son and daughter in our herd to carry on his memory. Rest in peace, Shiner.